My Ultimate Lose Weight and Change Shape Exercise System for Busy Mums Secrets Revealed!

There are so many benefits of exercise for Busy Mums like you…
As part of a healthy lifestyle regular exercise enables you to change shape…
Which means feeling happier, being able to wear the section of clothes in the wardrobe that for so long you hoped to fit back into or those you see in the shop that you wish you could buy and look good in or be body confident on holiday or when it’s warm.
Let’s face it, working in the fitness and weight loss industry for so long I know everyone wants to lose and change shape because it will make them feel better and improve their general well being…
So many benefits of Exercise to a Busy mum.
Exercise has been proven to positively effect many, many aspects of health, great if a Busy Mum would like to see her children, grandchildren, even great grand children’s lives as they grow up…
Exercise gives you more energy, as I know being step dad to a 10 and 11 year old (they were 4 and 5 when I met them) means you have to have the energy to keep up with them, sometimes I have struggled and I’m fitter than most my age!
I had to design a System for all the Busy Mums I was working with and helping.
Working with lots of Mums on a one to one and group basis, I needed to create a system that took into account the unique requirements Busy Mums have and personalise it for my clients and those in my small groups to get the results they were looking for in a safe, thoughtful manner.
Designing a system that to lose and shape needs to be effective at burning lots of calories and having a big effect on metabolism, but…
All busy Mums are essentially post natal, your body has been through a lot and regardless of the age of your children may not have gone back to normal!
Therefore common mainstream fitness programmes and classes that use the traditional method of burning calories through high impact would most probably not be for you…
Some traditional exercises that look appealing because they work areas of your body you want to work on; like stomach, hips, bum and thighs would have a high injury potential…
And let’s not forget other factors, you may not be feeling confident enough to join or exercise in a busy commercial gym environment or take part in a busy class and sometimes you can’t always hide at the back!
The main thing the System had to take into account: Time; the fact a Busy Mum doesn’t have much of it!
Not forgetting the main thing holding you back from pretty much everything – TIME! You haven’t got much of it anymore, it’s not your own!
But who says all exercise has to take an hour to be effective though? Where has that come from?
Or that you need fancy equipment?
With HIIT (high intensity interval training) style exercise becoming popular, you can do more in less time, but has any one developed one for the needs of a Busy Mum?
Well they have now!
Later in the post I will list some suggested exercises and a routine that fits into a Mum’s HIIT system…
Firstly who said burning calories, effecting metabolism, working at a good intensity had to be high impact?
The muscles that support your joints, especially your hips and lower back may not of regained their full strength, doing anything with impact may risk injury of some kind.
In simple terms though the premise of my system is simple, make sure you include these stability orientated muscles that support a Mums body and incorporate that into an exercise to burn even more calories!

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Burn Lots of Calories, but low impact for someone Postnatal. 
That’s a simple factor in choosing exercises; the bigger the list of muscles the higher the demand is for energy and the more calories burned and that incorporate stability muscles that give the body support means burning even more calories!
Post pregnancy a Mums body has undergone changes that effect how tight and how weak certain muscles are, our lifestyle has a big effect on this also, for example the amount of time sat in a car on endless school runs or ferrying children to their numerous activities…
So as well as burning a few calories this all needs careful consideration and thought when designing a system.
Busy Mum’s Exercise Weight Loss System
Here is the structure of my system: include just a few really effective and suitable exercises that burn calories by working a lot of big muscle groups, all exercises should involve the muscles that stabilise a Mums post natal body, include one that is a pure stability exercise and focussed on these muscles in particular, one that works all the muscles of the lower body (because that’s where the biggest muscles are for a big calorie burn) one that includes muscles of the lower body and the muscles of the upper back (calorie burn, lots of muscle groups and those weakened by being a Mum and everyday bad posture) one that works the muscles of the front of the upper body and stability muscles and if you want a bigger calorie burn incorporate lower body too! And one that is heart healthy where there is periods of raised heart rate followed by active recovery, repeated a couple of times. At the end of the last exercise you take a quick breather then repeat 2 or 3 times for maximum effect.
For those that I work with and for small groups I do movement assessments for them to suggest the right exercises for them and also exercises that are based on their current fitness ability (all exercises can be easily progressed and regressed) and likes and dislikes and of course you have to inject a bit of fun, if you can burn calories and enjoy it you truly are winning!
So here is a sample of simple exercises you could use to make up a Mum HIIT routine!
Bridge or Quadraped. Muscles worked: All the muscles of the core including stomach and backside.
Equipment needed: A soft floor or an exercise mat, can be progressed by using a stability ball.
Squat. Muscles worked: Entire Lower body and muscles that hold you in place. Equipment needed: Can be done using body weight or holding dumbbells or Kettlebells or suspension straps or a barbell across the shoulders/upper back.
Kettle bell Squat
Lunge Back, Row: Muscles worked: Lower Body especially front thigh, upper back and arms and the muscles that hold you in place. Equipment needed: Cable station, Resistance band.
Resistance Band Lunge Back, Row.
Kneeling press up. Muscles worked: Chest, arms and core muscles. Equipment needed: Soft floor or exercise mat.
Kneeling Press Up.
Cardio Interval. Equipment needed- various options: Treadmill, Bike, Rower, X-Trainer, Stepper, or various exercises using body weight. The structure for the cardio is to complete three bursts of 30 seconds of raising the heart rate coupled with 30 seconds of active recovery (essentially work 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds or on a Treadmill for example and adjust for your fitness ability; brisk walk 30 seconds, jog 30 seconds for 3 minutes in total).
 X-Trainer Interval.
For the other exercises perform as many reps at a controlled medium tempo for 1 minute, ideally do them in the order I have written, just stopping enough to get your breath back and then straight to the next exercise.
At the end of the lap after the cardio section, take a longer recovery, say 1-2 minutes and then repeat for 2-3 laps in total.
To get a free follow along video exercise routine using my Mum HIIT system that can be done in the smallest of spaces, scroll back up to the middle of the article for a Mum HIIT routine that is quick (24 minutes) that you can do absolutely anywhere and no equipment needed!
Feel free to download and start getting results!
* Always consult a medical professional before starting an exercise routine or if you are unsure.
To get my free “7 lifestyle steps a Busy Mum can take to lose weight and change shape”, scroll down.
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