Two common weight loss methods, one works, one doesn’t.

Sometimes it is hard to know what is best
What actions to get best results
Best use of your limited time
Donate an hour to exercise time and go for it
A spell of focusing on being as healthy as possible
Or do what you can, when you can? 
Take a month to go for it? 
Cut out something food or drink wise for this whole period? 
Congratulate yourself at the end of exercise hour or strict month (if you get there?) 
Here is what I know
Everyone who is in shape and healthy
Just does what they can
Focuses on eating healthy and managing calories most of the time
Aiming to be best they can depending on circumstances
And enjoying themselves a little in between
Exercising when it fits in
No always high effort depending on how they feel
Not always a full hour, whatever fits
What ever allows best consistency 
Like I said, ask anyone who is in good shape and health
For their age even
And this will be what they do
Reply if you have a question

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Ed (I guess the question is would my posts be more annoying if there were occasional or every week? Point made :)) Stride.

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