Are you using this forgotten way to help you lose weight?

If you are intent on losing some body fat
Because its not leaving you feeling as healthy as you want to
Or making you feel uncomfortable 
Not able to wear the clothes you want to 
Unhappy even
Then I always say the first thing to focus on is calories in
Followed by calories out 
And not just planned exercise 
By moving everyday
My phone constantly displays my daily steps 
Which is good
But let’s take two identical people
Same build and genetics 
One practices being more active each day
Standing up more
Doesn’t sound much
But over a year it would equate to an extra 18,000 calories
Or 5lbs less body fat
Put that together with the other healthy habits
Makes quite a difference
Something to bear in mind this week end 🙂 
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Ed (if you see me and I have developed some kind of nervous twitch, don’t be alarmed, it’s just another way of burning more calories) Stride. 

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