To be in healthy shape, maybe do the opposite of take action?

At the moment I’m having those I’m helping focus on one big thing to keep making progress
What is your focus on, currently?
Lots of things?
Maybe step back to see if any of those things are responsible for helping you make progress
Because it’s so easy to get bogged down in the details
Which is fine, when the big things have become habit
I get asked “detail” questions all the time
I don’t mind asnswering them
But if the big things are not focused on first
Then that means things stay stuck
Weight/body fat stay the same
Clothes fit the same
Health doesn’t improve
Back or joint pain doesn’t ease
It’s easy to get a bit stuck and frustrated
Even contemplate giving up
The answer is to forget the details
Make sure you have the big things in order
If you want fat loss
Then there has to be less calories coming in than you burn
You could focus on less calories, but eating the same amount and yes that is a thing!
Or finding a way to burn a lot more!
If it’s health then keeping active and eating healthy
And the calorie bit if losing would improve your health
If it’s back and joint pain easing then it’s smart exercise that includes strengthening and mobilising
Either way step back and ask yourself are all the big things in order?
Are they habits?
Then focus on the next biggest thing
And so on.
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Ed (let those who don’t go out much focus on the details, yes I think I am refering to myself) Stride.


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