What do you think about the Cancer Research Obesity posters?

There is this big national health awareness campaign at the moment
I’m seeing posters all over the shop
It’s got some people upset
They say it’s “fat shaming”
It’s from cancer research
alerting us all to the fact
That being over weight / obese
means there is more risk for most cancers
Than smoking
Fair enough message
But everyone knows carrying too much body fat is bad for them
Don’t they?
that especially having too much body fat around the old mid section
Could cause a whole host of problems
Don’t think it’s a suprise to many
The problem is just highlighting it, isn’t the solution
Do they think, “let’s just tell them about this by throwing a few posters up and job done.”
If it was that easy
If just saying “eat less, move more” worked
there would be no need for coaches!
Most don’t take action until the health guys say they have to!
But as I wrote in my last mail
The exercise bit is relatively easy, I know most of you are regular exercisers (hoping you still are ;))
Doing the right exercise to make it easier
Effect metabolism, so even at rest you burn more calories, that’s harder
The hardest?
An ongoing calorie deficit, putting in less than you burn.
That’s a challenge
Takes a while until you notice a difference
It’s hard to know what you are doing is actually working
Plus you have to be doing the right thing
Without getting hungry
Or eating stuff you really don’t like
And like I’m trialling at the moment
Having to check in once a week with measurements
Following a personalised programme at least a few times a week
Working through challenges
Do the right thing long enough for it to work
Having an expert confirm that what you are doing will work
I wish it was as easy as slap a poster up.
As always reply if you have a question.
If you want something to help you make progress straight away help yourself to my free make your metabolism work for you report! (Scrool down/ if viewing this on a mobile).
Ed (All this learning coaching techniques, specialist exercise, nutrition stuff, mobility, especially for the over 40’s, thank goodness now I know, there is no time to waste, time to get my crayons out).


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