How to enjoy your holiday and not put on weight.

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It’s a popular time for it
Good weather
School holidays coming up
looking forward to it
relaxing for a bit
change of scenary
If those I help are taking a holiday
Or at least a break
I have them set a realistic post holiday goal
Be in the same shape
Or not to gain too much
I don’t know about you
I put so much into looking forward to going
I almost forget I’m coming back
You too?
Trouble is, sometimes you come back after all that nice food/drink and relaxing
And you feel terrible when you get back
Scared to measure yourself
You may have set yourself back weeks.
or worse you don’t set a date to return back to healthy habits after
And then things get really bad, before you take action
And then you have far to go
On holiday I walk more
But that probably only equals a small desert portion.
If you decide you have made progress before you go
Maybe your break is only for a week
So you decide not even to be mindful, if it’s a conscoius decision, fine.
Maybe you go with enjoyinging yourself, but being mindful.
It’s just much easier to over indulge on holiday though
Especially if you haven’t got someone to answer to on your return
Someone getting you to chose your holiday mentality
And then holding you to it
Someone getting you to set a return to healthy habits date
And holding you to it.
Someone there to just get you back in and take progress, when you have think it’s a set back.
It’s great when someone measures them selves when back, realises they are not far from where they left off
And I ask to do that did they have to ruin their holiday and I get a resounding “No, not at all!”
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Ed (Maybe on my next holiday I should even find a place that does kareoke, which I describe as barring your soul, I hate it, but it would stop the calorie intake for a few minutes) Stride.


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