Time to uncomplicate weight loss and improving health for over 40 year olds!

A big problem with making progress
Healthy weight
Moving ok
Having enough energy
Is that it gets over complicated
Are you sure you know exactly what to do?
Or every time you see a magazine cover with a new plan a celebrity is supposedly doing
Or every article
Even advert
Make you feel you have been focusing all your valuable time and energy
On completely the wrong thing
Spinning your wheels
Feeling no better of than those taking no action
Look those of you who have met me
Do I look like I know a lot of complicated stuff?
Exactly my point!
Look if you know you would be healthier
Weighing less
Then it’s calorie balance
Over a bit of time
That’s it, the best plan is the one that can be followed
Your energy levels are relative to how active you are
You body’s ability to provide you energy depends on what you do with your body!
Sat all day? (As most modern day lifestyles)
Then you won’t have much to run around
In fact just increasing activity levels a bit, will help with how you move
I think we all get a bit of stiffness at “our age”
It’s a message that more mobility is needed
Moving, steps, right exercises, stretching
Like I said none of it rocket science

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Ed (Is it possible to know anything complicated and wear tracksuit bottoms a lot of the time?) Stride

About the Author Ed Stride