Weight loss for the over 40’s (and beyond) really is as simple as this!

Ok something needs simplifying
Although you may not want to hear it
There is one thing that effects
If your clothes have been getting tighter
Feeling more uncomfortable
Health worries creeping in
Areas that wobble (that shouldn’t)
The same thing that effects
Things not changing
Staying the same
The feeling of being stuck
But also the same thing that effects 
Clothes getting loser
Shape improving
Energy improving
Health improving
Feeling better
It’s connected by the same thing
Calorie balance
Clothes getting tighter over time
More calories going in than out
Things staying the same
Yep, calories in and out the same
So yes for it to change
More calories going out than in
Nothing drastic
Some changes
No obsessive measuring
Just enough to tell if there’s a difference
Hint: it won’t be overnight 🙂
But that’s it
To improve shape and health
Adjust the calories going in a bit
Use opportunities to increase the ones going out
Those steps
And of course my secret weapon
Strength training
Exercises that effect metabolism and mobility
Especially for the over 40s and beyond!

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Ed (“it can’t be that simple” it is! Like my other half says, simple should be my middle name) Stride

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