What do you do when your routine to lose weight and improve health gets harder?

I understand that what it takes to make steady progress to lose weight, improve health and all the aspects of living a healthy lifestyle to achieve it, is not easy.
We are quiet a few weeks into the new year
It’s good to assess how things are going
Wether any progress has been made
Wether things have started to change
Wether you have made some habit changes
Wether things are moving forwards
Or you are stuck
Either not doing enough
Or not getting a return on what you are doing
If you have made some healthier habits
What is really key is your ability to keep doing the healthy habits
It may take time for things to be more measurable
Stopping means everything goes back to how it was
If you need to, adjusting can be the best thing
If it’s hard to keep going and you want it to end
There might be too much restriction
This is when burn out happens
And you may want to stop
Progress takes time
If you can keep doing what you are doing, do that
If it’s too hard, adjust, do what you can do for a longer period
It’s much easier to keep going or adjust now
Than to stop and try and start again
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Ed ( There is a bit of a trend in the fitness industry of buidling a collection of motivational cliche quotes, hopefully you notice I very rarely ever, ever use them – but surely steady progress is better than no progress, might have just snuck one in there :)) Stride

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