The right exercises to do for over 40 somethings?

Going back a few weeks ago
When everything seemed so much more normal
I was visiting the gym (anxiety free)
It was a busy Wednesday night
In fact it was heaving!
Also very good chance I was one of the eldest there 🙂
Any hoo
The cardio machines situated on a podium looking down on the rest of the gym
Where all in use
The free weights and weights machines area were packed
Some meat heads in there not going to lie
In the middle of the gym was this big functional area 
With suspension straps and other equipment
Which was empty
So guess where I went?
Now to get yourself to the gym before
To do exercise in general
Especially at the moment
Takes motivation
But for an over 40 year old and beyond
In fact mostly anyone
There are a certain type of exercises I would recommend
Don’t get me wrong 
Cardio machines are great for warming up
Or doing intervals for cardio fitness
And traditional weights exercises are great
For metabolism, shape and strength
But some of the best exercises are the more simple ones
With basic or even no equipment
To improve mobility and metabolism at the same time
Will help you lose weight and move better
Both of those those will make you feel way younger than your years
I have been working on a complete coaching system that incorporates all of this
Designed for you to follow to get results 
Below (click the link) is a free exercise routine for you to use, based on my system of high calorie burn, low impact, the day after using the same system you will also get a follow along exercise video
Two body weight exercise programmes to use any where!

Ed (So what are all those exercises that guy is doing in the middle of the gym?) Stride.

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