How over 40 somethings and beyond can still get the results they want now the gyms are shut.

I don’t tend to comment on everything in the news
But I do if it’s relevant
Or I might be able to help out 
Of course in the news was that on Friday gyms closed
I stopped going to mine a week ago
Even at the best of times, gyms can be viewed as breeding grounds for bacteria
I put some dumbbells away at the gym thinking about how many other hands had touched them
So how do you keep what ever momentum you have going with no gym?
Well when I was travelling I got by with no gym for quite a bit
And last year I wasn’t going to a gym from May until October
So you absolutely can keep things going
There are so many great exercises that require little or no equipment
Body weight exercises just as hard as the gym stuff
Squats, Lunges, Press Ups for example
I even used outdoor gyms if they are ok to use
I’m not going to lie, it can require more motivation
But on the plus, less travel time
You could use the time you save to cook even more from scratch 🙂
Ed ( No gym, no cry – isn’t that how the Bob Marley song goes?) Stride
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