So important it’s on the list of things you are allowed to leave the house for…

Has anyone got used to lock down yet?
Things have certainly changed
There is one thing deemed important enough
That you can leave the house for it
At that moment that covers essential reasons only
Exercise is one
I’ve been doing mine on the deck recently
But I certainly make use of that one chance a day to go for a little walk
Where are you currently exercising?
I hope you have a chance to use my free programmes
(Link at the bottom in case you haven’t yet)
Exercise seems to have taken on a new meaning at the moment
Put it this way
No one has asked me a weight loss question for a while
It was important before
But health is even more important now 
Age is talked about as to who is vunerable
Biological age is more accurate
Doing exercise is different at the moment
It’s one of the few things in our control
It’s good for sanity
No matter what, even a little bit
And you will feel better at the end
Below is a programme to follow
I’m working on a whole system so you can personalise it for yourself
Keep exercising a few times a week if you can, it will help.
Ed (I didn’t think I would miss questions like what’s more fattening white bread or brown bread and the like) Stride. PS Now you can’t go to the gym and are carrying on exercising, here is a way I can help you with your fitness routine:

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