The difference between Weight Loss results and no results.

I’m willing to bet you have a few things to think about on a daily basis.
I’m willing to bet you have a bit going on.
Epecially if you are thinking for others too.
I know it does not leave time for much else.
But regarding a healthy lifestyle just a little bit of thinking ahead goes a long way!
Now I know you don’t need more things to think of…
But this could really make the difference!
Now what I am not talking about is you write a weekly meal planner for your self.
Complete with little icons…
Or spreadsheets..
Or writing a new exercise programme for yourself each time.
With animation…
Or dodgy stick man diagrams (that’s how I did it when I was designing programmes).
Unless you really have the time.
But just a little bit of planning is needed.
Knowing that there is healthy food at meal times, or if you have the discipline knowing where to grab something healthy on the go.
Having some kind of plan with your exercise, what you will do when you exercise that will have the most benefit.
That works the whole body.
And if the goal is to reverse the years by decreasing fat and improving health…
Then something that will work those support muscles, fire the metabolism, have mobility benefits, some heart healthy benefits, strength/bone density benefits…
And if you are in a gym at this time of year, having a back up plan when equipment is in use.
Or even better someone who specialises in all the stuff above especially for those over 40.
Where you don’t need a plan, because I will make sure I know enough about you to devise it especially for you, taking into account posture, current fitness ability, even miss out stuff you don’t like!
Or in a small group where everyone has similar objectives, have numerous options to tweak the exercise and even introduce a bit of fun- the group Friday finisher exercises.
Or coming soon for those that need less guidance a plan that you can use to personalise it yourself.
And of course someone there to check in to make sure you are doing all the lifestyle stuff and keep you on track!
Reply for questions!
Ed (My ability to draw stick men to help people know which exercise they were doing and get an idea of good technique meant that year I spent at art college wasn’t wasted :)) Stride.


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