The day the fitness coach nearly gave up exercising.

I was about half way through my little routine last week
A little circuit that involves squats and pull ups
I mix it up a bit and have done similar before
But on this day about half way through
I realised I really wasn’t enjoying myself
Basically I was lifting my body weight up and down
straining away
going no where (literally)
thinking why do I keep doing this
at half way the end of the routine seemed a long way off
Then I remembered I always feel better at the end
yes, sometimes just glad it’s over
but my mood improves
I feel I can take on more challenges
I feel like I was victorious in a little battle
Plus the big reason to keep going was to continue experiencing what I experience
And by improvements in the future
Being in reasonable shape gives you a great sense of well being
I would certainly miss that
Plus I hear now of people my age having mild heart attacks and strokes
Or worrying about their health
Or not being able to move without pain
Really feeling their age
In fact looking and feeling older
Thinking they are not going to be able to keep doing all the activities they like for much longer
the stairs making them out of breath
not enough energy to get through the day
not being able to keep up with their family
I don’t know about you but that would effect quality of life
I think I’m going to think of this half way through exercise to get me to the end
And eating reasonably, better not forget that
What about you?
Relate to any of the above?
Not just the getting half way bit 🙂
But what you want to experience?

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Feel free to reply for questions.
Ed (that coach with a few good reasons to drag yourself through exercise) Stride

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