The best way to burn off body fat?

When you do an exercise session, you feel good, especially if you think a lot of calories have been burned.
In fact I have heard people say “I will burn it off…”
“Doing all that exercise, I bet you burn it off” is something said to me a bit.
“I exercise so I can eat more.”
“I’m still not losing so I am going to exercise more.”
“Tell me the best exercise to burn loads of calories.”
“I’m going to hire you so I can eat what I want.”
“I’m going to the gym to finally lose weight.”
“Walking after christmas dinner makes me feel like I’m burning it off.”
What unites those above comments is that unless the exercise is extreme (I would not recommend that)…
All those statements are completely false.
It’s such a shame that all the January exercisers do this and stop when they realise that their efforts are not amounting to much.
Maybe you are doing the same.
Bit frustrated that the number of exercise sessions or level of activity you have done in the last few weeks has had way less effect on your weight and shape as you would have hoped.
Which if that is a goal of yours, could leave you feeling what is the point?
Trying to fit exercise in, going through the discomfort to no effect, when you could be doing some thing else you would enjoy more with that valuable time!
In fact I saw a testomonial from a someone who had done personal training at david lloyd got great results, it was posted on social media with the caption “she is doing regular exercise and enjoying her classes…”
I bet she is, but that was not the whole story and deliberately misleading.
In order to make your body fat healthy for your age, change shape, improve health, clothes fit better…
There must be less calories going in than going out, well the methods behind it go deeper, but that is it.
Best way, most effective way? 70-80% of a body fat loss result?
Eating habits.
Just relying on exercise won’t do it.
“I burned this many calories, now I can go home and eat that many.”
Because we underestimate calories, the best outcome in that scenario is maintenance.
You do it by getting the balance right, no radical changes, you have an eating plan it’s just taking a few steps to make it work for you.
Few clever swaps, portion size adjustment.
The exercise helps, especially if it improves your health, joint and back health and metabolism.
These are the simple principles I use in my coaching to get people results, no missing elements.
In fact I will start talking more about the people I am and have got to work with who did just that.
Ed ( I was given a choice a long time ago, have massive popularity or write posts that really help people but tell them stuff they really don’t want to hear, I forget which choice I made…:)) Stride.


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