What is the best thing to do for healthy weight loss, when you end up eating/drinking too much?

More bank holidays coming up…
Maybe the weather will be nice enough to enjoy it outside?
How are you spending it?
Maybe with friends and family?
What are the chances there will be food and drink?
Ever done that thing where your intention is to keep it quite healthy…
And the complete opposite happens!
Either your pounding head makes you regret it…
Or your bloated stomach…
The feeling of sluggishness…
Lack of self discipline and control?
You have just pushed you wearing that piece of clothing with comfort or improving your health to a later date.
And there is nothing you can do to change it.
It can’t be undone.
What to do you do after? Berate yourself? eat as little as possible later? Think about giving up? Or worse.
Want to know what the best thing to do is?
You go back to the healthy habits that you were doing before.
You could even use it, if you wanted to, to look at what you could change next time.
Were you very hungry (or thirsty) before it began?
Or are you trying to be too strict? Going further than a healthy/fun balance, not making time for a bit of what you like?
I know I struggle when that happens.
If it keeps happening though, maybe it’s time to go back to assess what you want to achieve and why.
Feel free to ask if you have a question, don’t worry I have nothing to sell at the moment, things are about to change for me soon, will keep you posted.
Ed (I’m trying to take it easy at week ends, I can still hear those poor hotel buffet owners in Cyprus “The economy is only starting to recover, so are we, why did man with dopey face have to come to our buffet?”) Stride.


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