Can weight loss be as simple as eat this, do this?

So if you were to think about what you need to do to get results, what would your answer be?
Is it the right time to do it?
Is it the right course of action?
Are there many courses of action you could take?
Does thinking about the right course of action leave you feeling a bit anxious and bothered?
Is that a reason you haven’t taken action.
That has left you in your current situation for a while, but wanting to change?
Do you wish someone would just come along along and say “do that” and eat this” and you could just follow it and get results?
The thing is in my experience, the above does not work.
You already know what to do, things have just got a bit muddled.
The more anxious you get about wanting to change but feeling stuck the more muddled you will get.
Either no action will be taken or some action, you will decide it doesn’t work, stop or take different action and repeat…
If I find this happening with someone I help, I take them through the following…
What is the main thing you want to achieve?
What good things will happen on achieving that?
Why is that important?
What is the situation currently?
Why don’t you like that?
What have you got to do?
What is the first thing you can start doing?
Now write that down for Monday (I don’t expect you to start now!)
Make sure you start though.
Forget everthing else, all the other stuff you think might be useful and focus on that one thing for now.
Feel free to let me know what it is!
Ed (Of course you can start it now if you wish, I was just trying to be a bit human :))


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