The best piece of Weight Loss information…

Let me be honest.
I am pretty sure you don’t need more weight loss information.
Sometimes information is just an excuse to “get ready to get ready’.
Collecting the next piece of valuable information so that you can get started or find the magic formula.
Feeling anxious and not quite ready to start or make more changes.
So it means you don’t take action and more time passes and you have stayed the same.
Yes, you will feel amazing having achieved your result, but was also feels good when something is important in our life is making progress towards it.
Those who are the most successful at losing weight, changing shape and improving their health are those that don’t gather up as much information before starting as they can, that aim for the perfect time, the perfect lifestyle…
Those who are successful just take some form of action, no matter how big or small, maybe in this case some healthier habits and start, they don’t over plan it or over think it, they just start in the knowledge that something will happen and if they find they really don’t have time for that action or there is another or better way of doing it, they just adjust a bit.
I bet you already know enough to get started, you know that if you regularly put more calories in than your body can burn you will gain, so it’s finding a way to (slightly) reverse that process.
I wrote in a previous post that you could work out which indulgence you would miss and which was just habit and cutting out those that you wouldn’t really miss.
In my system, I know that feeling hungry is not fun and would probably cause me to give in, so therefore have a plan that involves the most filling foods! Making sure you are hydrated as this makes you hungry is a good tip too.
But if you you are struggling to take action, then having a coach who can support you, advise you and keep you accountable will work, especially as it is all designed- exercise included for a Mum on the go like yourself.
If you really needs a few things to start making or kick start progress, scroll down and get the seven best tips guide for free I have that you can doing right now!
Ed ( Actually I am a bungee jumping expert, I know the best bungies, the best equipment, platforms and locations, how many times have I jumped? None, but I’m ready, just researching the best height…) Stride.


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