How to get rid of your wobbly bits…

If there is an honest request I get very often…
It’s the phrase “get rid of my wobbly bits”.
I remember a light hearted article about losing body fat mentioned…
You can use fancy machines (like I do) to measure body fat a good way of keeping track.
A quicker way is to do naked jumping jacks and any thing that wobbles that shouldn’t is body fat.
Seems science based to me 🙂
But we all know where we store body fat, that we would really like to get rid of.
The stuff that obscures Shape, gets you down and makes you worry for your health.
Imagine how much better you would feel if you could get rid of it for good.
The problem is I see most people tackle it with one thing- an exercise to target the area, an exercise class, a plan or a weight loss group.
But really what is needed is a system or formula, something that has all the things needed.
An eating plan that can be followed, that isn’t rigid, that includes your favourite foods…
That is for someone who is on the go the whole time and doesn’t involve much thought.
Exercise sessions that burn calories, without the high impact, jumping and bouncing around.
That is effective, can be done by anyone and takes into account you may have back problems or other joint problems.
But here is the main thing, provides you with the support to do the things you need to do enough to get a result.
The main reason you haven’t got a result up to now.
I have such a thing, that can help get you ready for your summer holiday or before the school holidays kick in and your time is not your own…
Which includes small group exercise sessions designed for Mum’s and daily coaching to get that result you want, but rather than talk more about it, come and try it for free, reply by email to answer a couple of questions to apply or if you have questions at
Or for 7 of the best steps included in my system that you can start using fro free, scroll down.
Ed (i’m going to pitch my new body fat test to the medical guys, it’s as quick as the BMi but more, actually tells the patient how much body fat they have, you just show them a jumping jack and then tell them to pop behind the screen…) Stride.


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