One thing you can do if you are frustrated with your Weight Loss results.

I think I was about 18 when I thought getting in shape could help me feel better.
In relation to self esteem especially.
I was a bit out of shape, quiet, pretty awkward, maybe even a bit weird…
When I was in better shape it didn’t fix those things 😉 but I did feel better or probably decided to accept those things more.
If you were in better shape and health, would you feel better?
Are you not quite feeling yourself at the moment?
Are you finding it hard to make much progress, starting and stopping or finding it hard to take action to get started?
If you had more energy or were able to fit into your favourite clothes, would you feel better?
How would it be different to now?
One quick way to feel better pretty instantly if you are struggling or frustrated with results…
Is to do one thing (ideally that you can do regularly) no matter how small, you will instantly feel better as soon as you feel you are doing something to make progress no matter how small.
Swap a few foods around for healthier choices or decrease portion size slightly, or cut out the habit food and drinks you wouldn’t usually miss, or ease your week ends slightly.
Doing any form of exercise no matter how short will also give you that feeling too, or changing an existing one, say to include more strength type exercises.
Also that feeling of taking some progress will also inspire you to take more progress.
If you are done with struggling and not really getting anywhere…
There is help if you need it.
Scroll down and get my 7 of the easiest steps a Busy mum can start doing to make progress (and it’s free).
Or, I am happy to get on a call with you, we can discuss your challenges and at the very least, together make a plan to start progress. Contact:
Ed (Embracing the weird, arkwardness) Stride.


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