Yes it would be understandable if you said “Who cares about healthy lifestyle habits during lock down!”

Because you are not doing the usual things
Because you are in lock down
It would be understandable if you entered 
The “who cares mode”
After all some of your objectives are not possible now
To wear clothes you want to wear
Because where are you going to wear them
No eating out 
Or social occasion
Or holiday
Like I said understandable
And you have no control of when you will be able to
But those other goals
Your health right now, maximising your immune system
Moving without discomfort
If you want to feel better quickly
Then there is an answer
You could schedule it in (I know you might not need to) 
But shedules work 
Could just be in the garden
Could be going for a walk
Could be something more structured
Could even be for a short period of time
There are some options below
Plus if you do 1 round it will take 15 mins
With even a little bit of effort
It will still work
And you will feel better, more so at the end
Ed (is it 5:30pm Monday? Where’s my tracksuit bottoms and trainers, oh yes I was already wearing them, my office, my rules) Stride
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