How to be a healthy, in shape forty plus something.

Knowing what to do
To be a healthy inshape 40+ something is not rocket science
It’s applied science, but I’m certainly no professor 
Basically what I’m taking a long time to say is
You already know what to do
It’s the application bit and for enough time for it to work you find tricky
It’s a mindset thing
And how ready you are to take action
But that can change quickly
If you read my post on the sofa nearly last thing at night in baggy night time attire then 
Probably no hurry or urgency to take action
If you are reading it after a trip to the doctors or a health commercial has come on
Could be different
Or when the weather gets warmer
Or when you have just booked a holiday
Or out of nowhere an item of clothing gets tighter
Or the stairs have just made you breathless
Or an activity that is usually OK left you feeling shattered
Or that feeling as you get older feeling more sluggish, more discomfort
When it’s really quite easy to change things around
Few food swaps
Bit of moderation
Exercise structure
Doing the right exercises
Choosing more filling foods
It’s easy to be rushed off your feet all day and forget to start all this
Or always be in the right mindset
But taking any form of action 
Any of the above
Would mean feeling better about all the other stuff
Feel free to ask if the action you want to take is the most effective action

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Ed (Don’t worry we all wear comfy sleeping attire, not sure you have a good excuse for those slippers though :)) Stride. 

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