How to have a weight loss mentality…

At this point in time do you have the right mentality to lose weight, change shape and improve your health?
Do you find your self making good choices and following good habits or are you following habits that you are not sure when or how your current habits where formed but they are keeping you from making progress?
Which makes you feel frustrated and that making progress seems out of your hands, especially the challenge of making changes considering how on the go you are day to day…
Do you even view being able to lose weight and improve health negatively at this point?
Do you find any action you take a bit all or nothing or stop and start?
Do you restrict food until it is no longer possible and then just stop monitoring it?
Do you tend to focus on the short term?
Or habits and actions designed to speed things up that will only work short term?
Is there a plan or is it more “as and when”?
Do you compare yourself to others?
Is this a cycle you know you need to break in order to achieve a more long term result?
Do you feel a different set of habits and mind set would bring about a much better outcome?
Two different people can know the same, but the out come can be very different.
With those that I help, it is my job to instill a “Lose and Shape Up’ mentality, that helps and supports someone develop different habits and actions and a different attitude to it all.
That “good enough” and often is way better than perfect and short term.
That rather than restricting, having a bit of flexibility is the way forward.
Focusing on a long term result, with smaller goals along the way.
A focus on installing healthy habits at a rate someone is comfortable introducing them.
Having a realistic plan that can be stuck to, that fits around a very busy lifestyle.
Focusing more on your progress not others, unless for inspiration.
Beyond designing exercise sessions and having a system, the key is to be adopting the right mentality if the system is to bring success.
Through coaching this is what I help and support people to do.
If its a little help, online coaching enables you to follow a plan, with some accountability and checking in.
One to one coaching can be tailored for the individual to ensure progress is made towards a result.
Group coaching and the group system helps those with similar objectives and challenges at once, all aiming to develop the healthy mind set to develop healthy habits and get results.
To access a my 7 best habits to get started guide for free, scroll down.
Ed ( We have been invited out to a BBQ this week end/ Going out for dinner/ Would only have 30 mins for exercise tomorrow/ Wont have have access to healthy food on tomorrows trip… “Hang on, what would a Lose and Shape Upper do?) Stride.


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