Maybe your lifestyle does not need to be as healthy as you think it does to get Weight Loss results?

I always believed that as the expert…
(I like to think I have been doing this long enough to call myself an expert).
That I had to be seen as the example, be seen to be eating the most nutritious food.
Enjoying my exercise.
Living an incredibly healthy lifestyle.
Don’t get me wrong, I like to think I do (pretty much).
But it is no where near as polished as you may think!
Basically I have enough healthy habits to give me the result I want (almost).
Always room for improvement 🙂
The problem is, is society (I’m probably talling about you here)…
Think how healthy they need to be is way beyond their reach, way too hard to do each day every day, no more wine or only special occasions for example.
Which keeps them stuck or an excuse not to start.
At the end of the day all I have done is this…
Found a happy balance as to how many healthy habits I have to keep doing..
Each week to look and feel and have the health I want at this point in time.
And fit it in with everything else I do.
I eat healthy enough to give me the result I want.
That may well be a bit healthier than most.
There are people that pay way more attention to what they eat than me.
I exercise enough times to give me the result I want, again it’s probably more than the average, but not as much or as intense at a lot of people I know.
But it works for me.
Now like you it’s never going to be a main priority, but I view it as important enough, that if life gets in the way I have a plan B.
So the question for you is, is losing weight changing shape important enough to you at this point in time that you want to do something about it?
What has been the current trend? Staying the same? Getting slowly worse?
To change it, at some point you have to do something.
It’s unlikely you will have to change or give up as much as you thought, though.
So if you are comfortable, then stay as you are.
If you need to take action, decide what you can do, what the first steps will be (keep it simple) and start there.
If you know you could be reading something like this, say in a years time, still stuck, then know only you can do it.
But there is always help and support, wether that is me, or someone else, if you need it then start, you will feel better quickly.
I you need my help to get you started for free, scroll down, enter your details for my guide containing 7 steps you can start doing right now.
Ed ( If I meet someone who know’s what I do, at the supermarket, before they make eye contact, they are eyeing the contents of my trolley, of course now I have the perfect excuse, if it looks like I should not be consuming it, I say “It’s for the step children”) Stride.
An hour or so, going through what you really want to achieve, and then together designing an action plan of the right action to take to get there, reply for questions or to set one up! Reply to:


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