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Why Exercise alone won’t help you tone your abs, sculpt your bum, make your legs lean or shape your arms- its called false advertising!!!


I have been seeing exercise adverts for ages, gadgets on sales channels, programmes and in the studio I run my group out of, a misleading exercise class advert …

I will be honest, it triggered me a little bit, it’s telling those that want to get results the wrong message, I want someone to know the exact outcome they are going to get when they invest their valuable time and energy…

And I do 1-2-1 personal training, and small groups myself, but exercise alone does not equal results, so watch the video to get the whole story / big picture!

If you want something to apply straight away to make progress, scroll down to get my free guide- 7 steps you can start doing now, you do have to enter your email address, but I only use this to send you entertaining information to further your progress.


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