Is Slim and Inactive Healthy?

During social occasions…
Where some people may or may not know that I am a Fitness Coach…
For some reason fitness people and healthy lifestyle crops up…
Not raised by me, I’m very happy not to have to talk about it at that time!
But it seems to come up.
People have some very funny ideas.
I remember a few years ago, it turned into an open forum for ask the fitness guy anything!
I’m not doing that again, what happened to all that advice – nothing!
It’s not really the right environment…
What do you mean there isn’t one!
But one of the best comments was “I don’t need to do anthing because I am slim”…
That was the comment I had to refrain from joining in with the most!
Specialising in helping the over 40’s reverse the years, have healthy body fat, improve shape, improve joint and back health and have great health in general…
It is common with those I help to not just want to look good and feel good, but be in better health.
The opinion here was that as long as they were slim, they were in good health.
Now, having a healthy level of body fat is healthy and lowers the risk for lots of illnesses, it’s not necessarily healthy on it’s own.
Plus, you can be slim and have a high level of body fat, body fat percentage is a ratio of body fat to muscle and water.
If you are slim and inactive then there is still a good chance you can have high visceral fat around your organs still.
Slim people can tend to have unhealthy eating habits because they don’t feel they need to eat healthy as they find it harder to gain weight, which puts them at risk of diabetes.
Stress, alcohol, lack of exercise all cause high blood pressure.
Plus those who are naturally a slim or small build, tend to have less muscle overall and less dense bones and are more likely to get osteoperosis.
Exercise, especially the strength training variety (body weight exercises count) helps with that.
So slim does not always mean healthy.
Slim in the context of healthy body fat and active lifestyle does.
So if you have always watched what you eat, like me (blue moon trips to the kebab shop aside)
Then you will be at an advantage to naturally slim people who don’t think they need to have a healthy lifestyle.
A healthy lifestyle is not the same as training to be an athlete.
It’s just creating a healthy balance, you know if you are achieving that or not.
And leading an active lifestyle.
The key is to do the healthy things often enough so that it counts.
Healthy eating eating most of the time, so you can relax a little at the week end for example.
Or at least two structured exercise sessions a week.
Or even better let me help you if you struggle to get focused and do the right things, to then be both slim and healthy!
Or for a free guide on taking immediate steps to be slim and healthy go to:
Ed ( I think my favourite saying as an excuse to be inactive was “I only have a limited number of heart beats in my life time so why waste them exercising”) Stride.


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