I bet this is the reason you are not making weight loss progress (and how to change it).

Right, I’m willing to bet this is a big reason you haven’t taken the kinda action that would change things
Or tried and stopped quickly
Or you did it for a while, stopped and undid whatever progress you made
It now feels like you have a mountain to climb
You have to prepare for a shock to the system
You are going to wait until it bothers you so much that you are forced to
You also think you might make progress but its also going to make you really unhappy 
Even though it’s October, to do this you are going to wait until January 1
There is going to be lot of planning involved
Big upheaval  
Maybe those who have mastered being unhealthy, out of shape but happy ish have got it right
This is the attitude of all those I have ever spoken to who try to do everything at once 
Change their lifestyle all at once
Bit like minimal exercise to exercising 6 times a week
Bit of a shock
Plus the motivation to even get started 
No wonder there has to be a big build up
If I suggested this to a coaching client
Even together
Listed everything they could do
Then said “right do all that from tomorrow” 
They would quite literally run a mile
(actually maybe run a mile was a suggestion) 
No total overhauls
No setting dates
No research
No build up
Just do a few things
Simple things you could do now
Nothing that phyques you out
Just a few things that you know you need to do
No get motivated, just take action
Quickly you will feel better, then there will be a difference
Which, you know what? 
Will motivate you to make some more changes. 
Reply if you have a question. 

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Ed (with a total lifestyle overhaul excuses are easier to come by and probably valid, changing one small thing at a time, you would have to get very creative, I’m sure it can be done though :)) Stride.

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