This is going to happen to all over 40 somethings, when is up to you.

“Well I could get hit by a bus tomorrow” 
Is the way I have heared an unhealthy lifestyle justified
To be fair, it could be true
Plus a healthy lifestyle doesn’t work against all nasty illnesses
Some things it does though 
Getting older is going to happen
Although if you improve shape and health you can take years off
At some point though losing our ability to do the simple things on our own will be a thing
We will get less independant
Move differently
Less easy or efficient
Way less energy 
I see those who specialise in the same thing as me call their programmes
“age in reverse” 
I’m not sure that’s a thing
We all age
At some point getting older and independence will go
When that happens
Is up to you and your lifestyle
How many years into the future 
When you move
How often
What you do
Wether you include all aspects of fitness
Even what you eat and drink most of the time
Will decide that 
It’s why my system is not just on improving shape but all elements of health and fitness
Being able to be as active as you want to be for as long as you want
Thats what I intend to be doing
As always reply if you have a question

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Ed (but what if you were fit and agile enough to dodge that bus?) Stride. 

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