New Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets

Like them or not 
Celebrities are everywhere 
They are recognised
Because of this, when they talk about anything we notice, even trust them a little
It’s how they can talk about politics 
Or worse (in my opinion) 
Try and be a weight loss/health and fitness expert
Because they are in the public eye
So if they lose a bit of weight, change shape
Everyone notices and wants to know how they did it
Which method? 
In reality it’s all the same
They put in less calories than they burned
Regular exercise
Diet companies may pay them to align the results with their plan
But what they did to get results won’t be that different
What will be is how much help they got
Do they do the things that gets results anyway and just needed to step things up
Suddenly have a big reason to do it? 
Have something designed for them to follow
Someone checking up on them
Or they had way more help
Someone there every step of the way
They might have had a team of people
The method will be pretty much the same
The reason might be more different
Just might be “their time” 
But what will be different will be how much help they needed. 
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Ed (revealer of the celebrity secret) Stride

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