How to really get motivated to lose weight!

Back in the day when I used to write exercise programmes…
With little stickmen to ensure good technique.
(Actually I do sometimes write progrommes by special request).
Although programmes have a very low success rate – sticking to them regularly enough and re creating good technique (even with the best stickmen diagrams :))
The converation before designing their exercise programme would always begin with “How can I help?” or “What do you want to achieve?”
And then come those answers; “I want to lose some weight.” “I want to get fitter”.
I can’t blame them for saying this.
I was just a coach sat before them, they didn’t know me, or know me well enough to like me (not sure that helps)…
Or trust that I could help them or be ready to offer up too much information.
But surface goals aren’t that inspiring.
So if you find your motivation stalling.
Or if you haven’t summoned up enough to get started, then we need to find your deeper reason!
You take those goals of why you want to lose weight or get fitter and put them through the “Why” process.
Firstly asking your self why you want that…
Then when you get that answer, you ask why again.
And again if necessary.
What we are looking for is an answer that is met with emotion.
That get’s you fired up!
The real reason you follow certain lifestyle habits and want to change others.
Get’s you fired up and even scares you just a little.
That is what to focus on.
That is what you should draw on to make healthier lifestyle steps…
To pull you through an exercise session, when you really don’t want to.
Draw on that when the challenges come.
To remind yourself why you need to get back on track after a blip.
Draw on that long enough to install the right lifestyle habits until you achieve that goal of feeling how you want to, wering the clothes you want to, having the health you want to.
If you are not sure of the right action to take to start making progress towards it all here is where you can get a free guide with steps you can start taking today!
Ed (Being a bit high on the old scale, prefers numbers to emotion apparently) Stride.


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