How to make you weight loss and health results last longer than a few weeks.

The good thing about being a coach this time of year
Is that there is a good chance rather than the usual “get ready to get ready”
Action will be taken
The problem is when you develop the short term mentality
Where action is taken
But not for long
Jumping into action that all too soon becomes hard to fit in
Leaving you right back where you started
But even more stuck and frustrated
Eventually thinking about getting ready to get ready again
The answer?
Don’t treat it like a sprint
Nothing happens quickly
And if it does, it will revert back again
So take a slightly longer term approach
Do things you can keep doing
It will come
The over 40 something’s in good shape and health
Are doing exactly this
Nothing spectacular
But they do it enough and have been doing it enough for it to work
As always reply if you have a question
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