What if you could solve your weight loss and fitness challenges?

As a coach helping 40+ somethings
I know you have some challenges
I know weight loss is important
Not just to feel good, for clothes to fit better
To be healthier
But you find it hard
And I get it, you don’t have time
You have other committments 
Not to mention it’s bloomin’ easy to consume loads of calories
After a long day fitting in exercise is hard
Plus your metabolism makes it harder than  when you were younger
Also you have a few aches and pains now too
Caused by periods of inactivity
Time spent sat, at a desk or in a car
Have all taken their toll
And changing all this has become a big frustration
Even when you have tried to do something
Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated
When that happens, ask yourself
If you could finally make progress
If you could make real change
And experience the benefits
Solve all these frustrations and go further
What would that mean to you
What would it really mean
Keep asking yourself that question
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Ed (Yeah I know, I know you wouldn’t have to read my posts) Stride.

About the Author Ed Stride