How to Make Weight Loss Long Term, Rather than Lose a bit, Gain it back…


So as a Busy Mum looking to Lose Weight and change Shape…
You know or hopefully you know your eating habits are the single most important thing to getting results.
You have probably at some point tried lots of eating plans (or my least favourite word – diet- yuck! ).
Been a member of a few groups that focus on eating habits and staying on the straight and narrow.
Do you find when you do this you tend to lose and then gain it back?
Or it does little to change your shape?
Or when you stop the plan or group, that is when you gain or the weight back?
Are you looking for more of a long term change?
To know how to make it all easier and enjoy yourself a little bit at the week end?
To change shape, smaller waist, more shaplier hips, legs, arms, stomach?
Then keep eating healthy, but include strength training exercises at least twice a week.
The weights don’t have to be big.
In fact some body weight exercises work.
It doesn’t need to take very long.
Strength training allows you to preserve and tighten muscle (it won’t make you bulky I promise!)
Any type of muscle needs calories even at rest, it’s muscle that gives the body it’s feminine shape, firing muscles also means strong, dense bones, it also supports your back and hips and all joints (whilst body fat increases pressure on joints).
If you burn more calories per day at rest, it makes it harder to consume more than you need and gain body fat as your metabolism will be faster, it’s on your side when it comes to being slimmer, healthier and changing shape…
As am I!
If you need help including the right exercises and doing the right things in general, then I have a system,
The Busy Mums Lose and Shape Up System, small group exercise sessions and daily check ins, set up to get you results.
But don’t take my word for it, have a free week on me to prove you can make some progress by the end of the week, just reply to this mail.
Ed (Back from hols and if I didn’t have a buffet strategy and do regular strength training each week before I left it could of been much worse!) Stride.


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