How to make more Weight Loss & Shape Changing progress than ever before.

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Next month things settle down and you will get chance to work towards those losing/shaping and health results you want.
After a long time of not getting chance, to be able to focus a little bit on yourself.
Do you feel you are worried that first exercise routine will be challenging?
That what you were doing relatively comfortably before will now be tough?
But are you also feeling you have gone backwards a bit?
Or have you managed to get by?
Or are you already feeling uncomfortable that clothes are not fitting you as well as they did before?
Or past back or joint problems have come back?
Have you started thinking about what you want to achieve and why yet?
Will you be looking forward to making  progress rather than just getting by?
Not just returning back to where you left off, but this time really working towards going further and achieving more?
Are you wanting to improve metabolism to make it harder to gain weight, or fit better in clothes that you want to wear, or have more energy or ease back and joint problems?
The good news is doing (the right) exercise is key to all of that!
The good news is also, after a break, when exercise is challenging, it shocks the body into making improvements quickly.
You can catch back up quickly as long as you start as soon as you get chance and make it a habit.
Those I help do a couple of sessions a week of a circuit of big muscle group (or multi joint) exercises that burn lots of calories during and after, use important muscles that support the back and joints, but are very low impact.
If that is done a couple of times a week and is combined with a balanced individualised lifestyle plan, that enables you to enjoy what you eat, then that will help someone lose weight, change shape and strengthen muscles that support the lower back and joints.
In fact read about those that have done it here:
If you want something you can start using straight away, scroll down (mobile users) and get your free Busy Mum’s 7 of the best lifestyle step’s guide to make progress from now.
Ed (I’m a genius, no not my words, my ego has not inflated dramatically over the summer, at least I don’t think it has, it was one of those I help said on my sucess stories case studies on the website, and no bribes were envolved either) Stride.


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