Busy Mums, do this to make your weight loss plan last longer than a week or two…

I am aware you may have tried many plans to lose weight and be happier and healthier before.
With a lot of plans it is the fact they are too rigid that causes you to stop.
I am very aware that having enough time is a particular challenge of yours and your health and weight loss have to come quite low on that list.
So something that requires a lot of your time and attention to work is probably not going to be successful.
Do you actually feel a big reason it hasn’t worked so far, is you haven’t found the right plan, not that you are a failure or have the wrong genetics?
Do you sometimes feel for you if you are trying to take action to fit better in your clothes or feel more vibrant that you are either following all the components of a plan or you are not?
Off or on.
Maybe what is stopping you is that what you need to do every day requires so much of your attention, that you are waiting for these things to decrease.
Or you decide to take action and what then happens is that for a very short period of time you make great progress.
Then, when you can’t follow it, or it seems undoable, for a long period of time you make no progress.
In fact what you see in the mirror and how you feel about this and your health in general is related to your lifestyle.
Would you like to be able to do something that meant it didn’t have to be high priority, but yet you still made progress and got results so that you felt differently?
Well you can!
Those who are in shape know in the first place it was important enough to want to take action, but know they don’t need to be doing everything right all the time!
They have created a balance.
Not off or on, but enough of the time that it works.
Still allowing a bit of time for less nutritious food and drink.
I stand by the 80/20 rule, it’s a feature of my system, try and do everything right eighty percent of the time and you don’t need to worry about the other twenty.
Make good enough food choices and try and exercise or be relatively active.
Then there is room to not have to think so much about your choices and apart from running around after children to not always have to be active.
It doesn’t have to be that rigid, acheiving what you want to is just down to getting the balance right, you may not be at 80 percent now, but there could be a couple of things you could do to get you closer to it and so on.
I know because I have helped those like you do it. https://loseandshapeupexpert.com/success-stories/
(Those in the group I run score their lifestyle habits out of 80% each week and have to post it top the group) and I follow the same principle myself.
To get closer to that balance, help yourself to my free 7 step guide, 7 steps you can start doing now to make progress right away. Scroll down (mobile user) to get yours.
Ed (How many of you spotted that I only found the “%” button on my key board right at the end of my message) Stride.


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