Busy Mums, a 5 exercises exercise system to finally lose weight and change shape for good!

Will you be returning back to an exercise routine next month?
After a nice long summer and being able to spend time with the family will you be aiming to make weight loss progress?
Get your metabolism firing again or sort out back and joint problems?
Are you feeling though, that you might need to do something different from before to achieve that?
That you really need to make best use of the limited time and energy you have?
Do you feel that sometimes you are not sure what exercise or activity to engage in that is going to best help you change shape so much that people notice?
Wear the clothes you want to wear and with confidence?
Or do exercises that are going to help ease any pain and discomfort you have, rather than make it worse?
If you go to a gym are you a bit confused and aim for the exercises you usually do or are comfortable doing?
Or a class, although you are not sure if it is right for you? Your back and or joint problems or at the same time wether its going to help you burn calories and effect your shape and metabolism at the same time?
Or you have to make time to do a calories burning class one day and a mobility one on a different day?
Or exercise at home, but rather than put your trainers on a go for a jog, you have no idea what exercises you should be doing, that would have a bigger effect on your metabolism and not be as high impact on joints?
Or maybe you have some equipment at home, but don’t really know the best way to use it or really have the motivation to use it?
Look, if I let you in to a little secret, I don’t like exercise myself very much, however I do like the effect it has!
But in designing my own routines, for the result I want I make sure that I am not spending a minute longer exercising than I need to!
That it is simple.
Infact I have whittled my exercise system down to 5 exercises.
They all have a key part to play in helping anyone burn lots of calories during and after to help with weight loss, they work every major muscle group to effect metabolism and shape, even muscles which support the spine and joints to ease discomfort, exercise which include moving in different directions to improve mobility and target muscles like the stomach, bums, thighs, hips and arms that Busy mum’s want to target! And are also heart healthy to improve energy and overall health.
After getting the circulation going and mobility exercises to help the body move better, the first is usually a variation on the plank, always adding a variation as just holding a plank is a bit boring!
But the stomach muscles are targeted (they support the spine to) and adding varations like leg lift involves the backside too.
Next if there is one great exercise it’s the squat, but again a squat on its own whilst it works and shapes every muscle of the lower body is a bit boring! So another element and variation is added.
Next, another great lower body exercise is the lunge, but not just lunging backwards and forwards, lunges can be done in different directions and by incorporating say a push type exercise you can incorporate all the muscles of the front upper body including stomach and arms!
Next a back of upper body type exercise that also incorporates stomach and arms as well as upper back, great for appearing taller, easing upper shoulder and neck tightness and looking good in a strappy dress!
Next a bit of heart healthy stuff, could be a cardio machine, or something as simple as steps or low impact skipping, back rather than aim for a long time and bore yourself to death, use a kind of sprint/ then recover and repeat type scenario.
All of that done with just a little rest in between, all 5 exercises take just over 10 minutes! A Busy Mum with little time could do 1 lap with good effort and that would be it for a day or two!
Then when you have more time, in relation to your fitness ability for an ultra effective session it can be repeated 2 or 3 times for optimum results.
if the person has particular posture or joints problems, they can be modified to suit and can easily be made easier or harder as needed.
Getting them right is easy, especially under supervision!
And in a group, they can be turned into partner type exercises to make it more fun and make those doing them forget they are exercising.
The whole design is what I use to get Busy Mum’s the results they want, but making it a simple time effective, energy effective and enjoyable process along the way.
Ed (Never worn a strappy dress, but have been referred to as simple) Stride.


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