Is it easier to have a Weight Loss mentality when the sun is shining?

At the moment we are going through a spell of nice sunny weather…
Does the sunny weather make you feel better and more optimistic than say a cold winters day?
Not long ago, I will admit to being quite a pessimistic person and I have had to try hard to have more optimistic, without being annoyingly so…
How do you feel about your weight loss and health at the moment?
Are you optimistic or are you focussed on the many challenges you have?
How little time, how post children and as you get a little older (happens to all of us) that it seems to get harder?
That you have enough things to think of already without yet more?
Does it seem like a massive mountain to climb to get results, with many challenges?
Despite the challenges and all that you have going on, would it be amazing to be able to make progress, Lose, tone up and have amazing health?
I bet it’s not all bad and despite numerous challenges…
I bet there are healthy habits in your lifestyle.
I bet you are healthier than a lot of people you know.
If you look at your lifestyle, you probably have more healthy habits than you think…
The real key is to having enough healthy habits that ensure you are making progress.
Which can be hard to measure.
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