How to go from dwelling on past weight loss failures to getting excited about taking action now!

So the children are back to school, its been a great summer, we had the heat wave of July.
I bet you have enjoyed the extra time you got to spend with your children.
(most of it :))
Now it’s likely you might get a bit more time to yourself.
You probably haven’t been able to engage in a proper regular healthy lifestyle regime since July.
That’s a long time!
So let me see if I can help.
Where is your mind at, are you taking action, about to or is it on your to do list?
Sometimes, when you have been out of the routine it’s hard to get back in.
If you are reading this though, then you want to lose and shape up, be kind and strengthen and support your back and joints and all the great things achieving all that will lead to.
At this point are you dwelling on past attempts or the future?
I realised recently that I tend to set my self quite small goals sometimes, because I believe that is what is realistic.
But as a coach, someone who is in a positive mindset will likely achieve so much more than someone who isn’t.
Apparently the brain wants to give us an answer to our question or at least look for the answer.
So be careful which questions you ask!
For example if you are thinking what is the point of starting back, things always end in failure, the question “why can’t I get results?”
The answer you will get is “Because you have no self disipline”. “Because you can’t stick to any thing”
“Because you have no will power”.
Not very inspiring.
A better question could be “how can I actually get a result this time?’
Then you should get an answer that involves eat healthy and exercise.
Better, but stil not that motivational.
What about asking yourself, “How can I get the results I want and maybe even enjoy the process along the way?
Now that is a question!
It’s probably going to involve a similar answer to the last question, but now you are more happy about starting and seeing it through.
The way I help people enjoy it, is not to dictate what you are going to eat, you do that bit! What do you enjoy eating that is healthy or healthier than what you are currently doing? Is a question I ask to help someone figure out, what they could enjoy eating regularly that can actually get them a result!
If you have been on holiday this year, you may have noticed abroad they can make healthy food taste good.
(And ahem, Not just healthy food :))
Can you do something similar and then how could you adapt it for the family?
If I stopped people having their favourite food and drinks they wouldn’t do it! And nor would I, if I did that! I couldn’t think of anything worse than being healthy all the time.
In fact, when you just have a little bit, you enjoy it more!
Are there any quick recipes you like that feature foods you enjoy.
In my exercise sessions, I have a system and although it would take the body 4-6 weeks of doing the same thing for the body to stop progressing, I change it every session to keep it fresh.
In my small groups, I like to pair people up of similar ability with certain exercises and turn it into a bit of a game, we don’t always see people smiling and laughing uncontrollably whilst exercising (unless they are weird fitness types).
And the big thing is to dwell on how you feel at the end of an exercise session, uplifted and positive especially if you know that what you have just done has really counted.
So instead of focus on why you haven’t got a result yet, infact I can aswer it- you haven’t found the right way for you yet, or done it long enough!
Ask yourself the question: How could you not only get results, but actually enjoy the process along the way?
What would you be eating?
What would you be doing?
What would happen if you did that regularly?
My role as a coach is to help someone be healthy enough for the long term, because after I have had that session right at the beginning with them to really find out not just the result they want, but why and what it would mean to them, then it is time to leave no stone unturned to work together to get that result.
It’s deeper than just turn up and take part, I want to know what you are doing the rest of the time and be at the end of an email or messege constantly to help.
It’s why I send emails, write blogs on my website, make live video’s on social media, design infographics for social media, post things every day in my free facebook group.
I want to constantly check in when you work with me, are you doing the agreed? Do we need to work through challenges? This is even easier in a group, where everyone has similar goals and can post to the same place for the rest of the group to see.
Enjoy the process, to enjoy the result!
I am now opening up the small group for applicants, then if we are a good fit for each other have a free 1 week trail of the group (times to suit busy mums) I can then show you in a week you can make progress and keep it enjoyable!
Or if it is just a case of you want to find out how you can get results, let me know.
Reply if you have questions, or to apply.
Or if you need a free guide to get you started, then scroll down to get my 7 best steps you can start taking from now to make progess and enter your details. (don’t worry I only use your details to send you tips like this one you can use to get results).
Ed (Believe it or not I actually enjoy everything I eat, even to some degree when my cooking skills let me down, to help my other half enjoy hers, I tend to take her out for food rather than cook) Stride.


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