Improve your relationship with food by doing this.

Are you a Busy Mum who has a favourite food or drink?
In relation to how healthy it is (cosmsumed very often), how would you say it is?
Would you describe it as bad? Or naughty? Or even a treat? Or groups called it a Syn (same thing really).
Or sometimes when I have asked someone I am helping and they have got defensive and said “I did this, what are you going to do about it?”
(Weird really, because I am just trying to help and really in that event it is more of a review process than anything and then moving on).
If let’s say you didn’t plan to, but let’s say you consumed way more of something than you intended to…
And someone (maybe like me who knew you wanted a particular result and wanted to help) asked you how your healthy lifestyle was going?
What would you say?
“I have been bad/naughty?”
If it was unplanned and you didn’t feel in control at the time, would you even feel guilty?
Do you feel you have quite a negative relationship with food?
If you use the words Bad, Naughty and Treat then it’s possible you could.
Or you know there has to be a compromise with how much of your favourite thing you can have and be able to get the result that you want?
Or that there is this constant chain of events, which happens along the lines of: resist favourite bad food for as long as possible, spend a bit of time being healthy but really crave the bad food, followed by allow yourself to have a little of the bad food, follwed by have way more of the bad food than you planned, followed by guilt, followed by berating yourself, not feel too good about yourself, either go back to being healthy or give up totally so that you don’t feel like a failure and feel worse about yourself?
Would you like to be a bit more in control so that it would help you get a result?
As mentioned before much of my coaching to help someone get a result is getting into a better mentality and trying to see things slightly differently to feel better and get a result.
For example in reality there isn’t really bad and naughty food and drink.
It’s not that black and white.
Yes there are natural foods that are very healthy and can be eaten regularly in the right portion.
And foods that probably should be consumed sparingly if you are trying to lose, because it’s probably easy to consume a lot of calories in one go.
In reality it should just be seen as what it is.
How nutritious the food is.
On a sort of sliding scale, with more nutritious foods one end and less nutritious foods the other.
No good, bad, naughty or syn.
More nutritious and less nutritious.
But they are all just foods.
If you want to get weight loss and shape change results then take what you enjoy eating now regularly and think what the slighly more nutritious alternative is.
But don’t stop having certain foods, that will increase cravings and make you feel bad, manage them in.
Now if you feel that it’s all way beyond your control then seek someone who can help you.
But don’t see food as good, bad and even evil.
It doesn’t help that the food industry wants us to become addicted to the foods that have specially manufactured ingredients to do so.
But in the end, there are just foods that have more nutrients than others.
That’s all.
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Ed (Once heard one of my fitness collegues a while back admit he had just had a “dirty” packet of crisps and should probably have a shower, it was a bit in jest, but probably not the best description either 🙂 ) Stride.


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