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I don’t use the term Personal Trainer to describe myself and my role anymore, I have progressed to a specialist coach working with a specific population and solving thier problem of losing weight, whilst dealing with and helping with any niggly (or not so niggly) joint or back problems along the way.
What is the difference between a P.T and a specialist coach I hear you ask?
Well they both really has to know their stuff and walk the walk!
But with the invention of something called the internet, I am sure you are pretty well read up and know a bit too!
What a coach does is be an expert at helping you apply the information and do the things you know you need to do!
So I always have to be learning new techniques and finding better ways to help.
One is asking better questions.
With those that I help that are facing challenges or with someone new I help, maybe initially in a first meet, it’s time to really look at what they want and how I can help them do it, but that can start with some tough questions.
I want to know what is the driver, what drives them, so I may ask the question why they want something different to happen and to change direction from what is happening now.  What is wrong with how they feel currently? Why don’t they want that anymore? Why is that so important, important enough to take action?
I can guess what has happend to someone’s lifestyle in order for them to want to change it, the summer holidays for instance were a pretty big challenge! But usually the problem goes beyond that, it’s not a new thing! It might be now bad enough that someone has to start taking action, but rarely is the problem a new one.
So I need to know how this state they find them selves in occured, what actions and habits lead to arrive at this point.
Plus when someone realises and knows how they got into a situation they don’t like, it serves up a few clues as to how to change it!
What I also really want to know having gone through that with someone is why they haven’t done something about that already.
Like I said the information is out there, they know it usually, so what is stopping them from putting it into action.
If it is so bad, why are they not doing or have not done something to fix it!
I don’t just want them coming to an exercise session and then that’s it, because that won’t work, once we get to the real issues, that is where I really find out how I can help and be of service, then together we can start developing a plan to start making some progress for once!
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Ed ( Client reaction – ‘that is all so straight forward now and with your support I feel excited to get started, but to be honest I thought you were just going to ask me how much I wanted to lose and suggest some exercises, all though to be fair, I have done that and read about it many times before and it’s made no difference” ) Stride.


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