How to win biggest loser of the week…

Of course if you are wanting to know if your weight loss plan is working…
You weigh yourself.
Have you ever been doing the right things for a good period of time?
Been better than usual?
Even saying no to a social occasion or when offered a very tempting food or drink, when usually you would say yes…
And you excitedly step on the weighing scales ready to get excited and…
It hasn’t really changed much.
Does it make you feel like giving up?
And there are those weight loss groups that celebrate any weight loss during the week.
The more the better.
I reckon I could win one of those…
I wouldn’t have much or any water before, maybe sit somewhere very warm just before, being slightly unwell for a good few days would help, because I would not have any appetite.
I would make sure my bladder was empty just before weigh in.
And then get ready to practice my smug face.
Not sure I would want to do that the next week again though.
It’s how some sports people make weigh ins…
I remember at the second gym abroad I worked in, coming back from a break and seeing what looked like a small boy on his own using the equipment.
He had his back to me, as I got closer I was ready to find out why he was there…
And whilst he looked like a 10 year old from the back, just before I got there he turned slightly and too my surprise he had the face of a weathered 50 year old.
The jockeys had arrived for the winter season.
They would sit in the sauna making it as hot as possible for ages.
Of course none of this stuff is healthy or a solution.
Everyone I know who loses that way, gains it back, usually more.
What is a shame with the scales though is they don’t tell the big picture, your shape can change, your health can improve, your metabolism can go up, but the scales can show not much change, because for instance your water may be higher than usual (a good thing).
And body fat is being lost, the actual stuff that is going to help you change shape, improve health, fit better in clothes, feel better, have more energy – I could go on…
So next time this happens, before you think of giving up, maybe enough time hasn’t past or the scales are not actually telling you the whole picture, that actually you are making progress, your shape is changing and metabolism is going up.
If you have been doing the right things, this is what is happening.
Maybe go by how your clothes fit, take measurements or go by how you feel as well?
Ed  (I can’t remember which film it was from but I remember I was tickled by the line “I don’t step on the scale, because the scale doesn’t measure sexy”) Stride
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