How to fit exercse in to your busy life to get the results you want.

I am aware a big challenge of yours when it comes to getting the results you want is time.
How do you fit it all in?
When there is so much else you have to fit into your day.
And then to fit in the necessary habits to get results you have to be really motivated.
You really have to have the belief, that what you are going to do will have the effect that you want.
I am sure in the past it has got just too hard to fit exercise and healthy eating in and then it’s incredibly hard to start doing the necessary things again.
Or you have really tried, but because you did not see results at the rate you wanted, or life got in the way a bit slowing the process, you kinda stopped.
Then like I said to do the right things again is a challenge, when and how do you fit it in?
But at the same time you are not happy with current progress and you know you need to do something.
And September is a great time for that.
A new chance or a time to really progress.
But you know what you do will have to fit in with your busy life or it will not last, leaving you feeling like you can’t stick to anything long enough to get results.
And that is the key finding what works for you and fitting it in.
I have said it before, I am not really that keen on exercise and healthy eating, I have just found what fits in for me, made it quite high on the list of priorities and found healthy food I enjoy eating.
That last one makes a big difference by the way.
So for this to work to have to find what works for you, if you haven’t found a long term solution, then you have not failed, you just have not found the right way for you yet!
The right way always involves fitting exercise in and healthy eating, when sometimes in the moment you don’t want to do it and probably talk yourself out of it.
Remember exercise does not always have to be an hour or nothing, if an hour does not work, then you won’t do it.
My exercise system involves doing enough to get a result each time and then that’s it, getting on with the rest of your day!
Using the right exercises done back to back, that burn calories during and after.
Effect metabolism, improve fitness in a sort of circuit style fashion, create the effect in the shortest time possible and then it’s done!
Routines that can be done in gyms, studios or even at home.
Taking into account there may be back problems, joint problems, mobility issues, most routines that effect metabolism done in the shortest time possible don’t.
When you find away to fit exercise in and make it regular enough, then you can change shape, have a fast metabolism, have more energy, feel healthy, know the muscles that support your body are strong, feel strong in general, have less discomfort and achey joints and stiffness, fit into and wear the clothes you want to with confidence.
Results like that with two or three short sessions a week, where CAN you fit it in!
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Ed ( Finding what is the least amount of time I can spend exercising to get the result I want) Stride.


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