Exercise to lose weight, even when you have back and or joint problems.

What drives you to exercise or at least want to start exercising?
For most of us it’s about how we look and feel (me too Btw).
That is the biggest source of motivation.
Usually if you have back/ joint pain the common trend is to live with it, depending how severe.
If it is severe and you have been advised to exercise then that’s a different matter.
If you are in enough discomfort to bother you or you fear it getting worse, then this can be a big enough motivation to take action!
But usually it’s a secondary goal.
Or it may even stop you starting, you could be worried exercise will make it worse.
I made a list of those I help and how many have a history or current back and or joint problems, that we are working to ease or help as part of their goals.
(You can imagine how my summer has flown by 😉).
Anyway 95% came to me with (most common first): back problems (including sciatica), hip, knee and shoulder/neck discomfort.
Some going back as far as pregnancy.
Of course, one way to help is if you have less fat, you ease the pressure on backs and joints as there is less to carry around.
Exercise always helps because we were designed to move.
Well the right exercise does!
Pain is usually an indication that something needs strengthening and something else needs releasing in order for the body to move better or counteract a posture problem.
A problem is that if you want to do weight loss type exercise and you are short on time, then the exercise will usually be high impact and high intensity (risky for joints and back problems).
Now I am like you post 35 years (give or take a few years) and I started lifting heavy things working for my dad at a very young age and had back problems by sixteen.
So I needed a system that burned calories, enabled me to reach objectives but strengthen, support and be back and joint kind.
And that is exactly how my system works for those I help.
Lose weight, Change Shape and ease back and joint problems, some don’t even have a problem anymore.
I make sure we keep the impact low, that each exercise keeps the core muscles strong, like the muscles of the deep stomach, the muscles of the backside in fact all the muscles that aid and support a joint or the spine.
Plus in each routine, there is what is called multi directional exercise because we are designed to move in sorts of directions, not just forward and this helps with suppleness and mobility.
And all this links in with weight loss, as the more muscles involved with the movement, the more calories are burnt!
If you have ever had an injury, that means you have to keep activity low which means muscles waste away and your metabolism slows which makes it easier to gain weight, plus it makes it much harder to carry out all the tasks you do of an ordinary day!
In my simple lose and shape up system; back and joint friendly/high calorie burn exercise with lifestyle habit coaching is how I get those I help results.
If you need help and support to achieve these objectives your self, in September (when you get your life back a bit) I will be re opening the Busy Mum’s lose and shape up group, small group exercise sessions and daily lifestyle coaching, at a studio in Ferndown, reply to apply for a 1 week trial, first come, first served as places are limited and I will be closing entries near the end of September.
P.S If you choose to stay on after, there is a results or money back guarentee in place.
Or scroll down to get your 7 step guide to help Busy Mums lose weight and change shape, you can start applying the steps and make progress today!
Ed (Burpees only available on request) Stride.


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