How to fit back into that item of clothing and go further than ever before!

It’s the first full week that the children have gone back to school.
For ours there was that intrepidation at the beggining and now, infact after a day or two it was like they had never left.
My other half called me the second day they went back excited that she had just a little more time for herself.
“I could do this or this!” ‘Just normal things, but you know…”
Have you managed to get back into your healthy lifestyle as quickly as the children have setted back into their school routines?
It must be hard, yes you want to take action to help yourself feel better, but it is hard to get back in.
Was the action giving you the results you wanted before?
Are you planning to go further or did you just want to get to what made you comfortable and stay there?
Just checking you are not doing the same thing expecting a different result and all that!
Are you trying to go further this time? Have you got an idea how that will look and feel?
Is that something that would be nice or that you really want at this time? There are no wrong answers by the way!
Those that come to me seeking help are at a point where it’s something they really want, they are fed up of guessing and hoping…
They may know what they need to do, but are sometimes not sure where to start or try and do everything at once, which rarely works, not for long, anyway.
It was why I developed a system, take the stuff that works, make it as simple as possible so the busiest person can do it.
To take you through it, in the beginning, it’s finding a starting point, what are the right exercises to begin with, challenging but very doable and where are they lifestyle wise, the next step to take, that you are willing to do?
In a group the goals may be similar, but some elements will be different for each person, but it all fits into the system!
We look at the things you enjoy, glass of wine of an evening, eating out, keep the stuff you really enjoy in, this doesn’t need to be hard! But what are the things that are done through habit, that are not that enjoyable, they can go. Might be tough at first but I keep reminding, because that one thing makes a big difference.
When you feel better about doing one thing, you are more willing to do something else.
Then we can look at other things, portion size of different foods, drinking more water…
The weekly measurements will tell me if you are doing what you say you are!
The exercises will take in to account any joint or back discomfort you have and set about strengthening muscles that will help, like the Glutes of backside, our most powerful muscle but usually the weakest, strengthening it helps with all sorts; lower backs, hips, knees…
Because the muscle list per exercise is high, lots of calories get burned! Yet the impact is low.
It is that combined with the healthy enough eating habits that gets results, usually having more energy to start, the numbers/measurements start to tell me things are changing.
Coaching may be needed along the way, there may be an uplanned slip up, it’s just getting back in the right mentality, a mentality that keeps making progress, the rest of the group will have course have gone through this or it will probably happen at some point!
Then it’s a case of just staying steady, exercising at least twice a week, giving a bit of whatever energy they have that day, but leaving feeling better and energised for the rest of the day and in a good frame of mind too! Keeping finding healthy but enjoyable foods, no one should ever feel like they are on a diet!
Then when habits start to be formed, that is when things start to happen, that suddenly a peice of clothing you wanted to get into suddenly fits!
Someone you know starts commenting and wants to know what you are doing.
Yes, life gets in the way sometimes, but a lot of the right stuff you just do, or if there is a blip you just get straight back on track! Back to what is now normal, sometimes you are creative and realise you can find something healthy, were before you struggled or you just fit in a short exercise session maybe even at home, just to keep it all going.
Suddenly something that seemed really hard, that other people do and achieve, that seemed unreachable is now in your control.
Then I hear that statement that I hear really often, “why didn’t I start doing this before!”
In a week or so’s time if you are ready that could be you making progress already, on the 1 week free trial of my sytstem ( 3 small group exercise sessions and daily coaching to get there) I just need to ask a couple of questions first, make sure we are a good fit. Repy to apply, for the next week and a bit only though.
Or happy to meet up or have a call, set you up an action plan to get started and how to go further than you usually do.
To have something to start with now, scroll down below the comments bit and get my free guide.
Ed (My somewhat social awkwardness may make it seem like I’m not hugely excited by your results, but believe me it’s why I do what I do) Stride.


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