How my healthy lifestyle objectives have changed since I was in my 20’s. (Do you relate?)

I don’t know about you, but when I was in my twenties, the main thing I focused on with my healthy lifestyle was to look good to feel good.
My lifestyle had health gains too, but healthy was just a nice by product.
Don’t get me wrong, even now I am in my early forties (when do I have to start calling it mid forties?) I still value looking good to feel good.
But now of almost equal importance is the that feeling of healthy mobility, less aches and tightness and making sure I can still live an active lifestyle for as long as I choose to.
Do you relate?
Can’t beat a nice sping in the step!
It does not take me long to notice if I gain a little body fat, my insecurity starts setting of alarm bells as soon as the slightest little muffin top develops.
I can be helping someone out with a question, or something they have read or watched or some action they are taking and I am explaining how to do it and exactly what to focus on…
And I get this little voice.
“There you go trying to be the expert, why don’t you explain about how to get a little muffin top, you are the expert in that right now!”
I think since I have had a metobolic illness it does not take long to start feeling out of shape.
When you are seen as an expert, working in a busy commercial gym, running a group, putting out articles, videos, you can’t really hide!
Or not so long ago, I would get back tightness mainly from since when I was little I would lift heavy boating equipment (family business) badly, in fact my back should be far worse, but I feel as the example there should be no pain, ever!
Also having played quite a bit of sport when younger, there are those sports that strengthen one side of the body more than the other and that brings about all sorts of problems!
But I find that stuff quite interesting (also, so you don’t have to!) With those I help; A Mum’s body going through pregnancy and how that alters things long after, also carrying a child on one side of the body, (strengthening one side again!) how a changing hormonal balance starts effecting joints.
Just our day to day posture also.
The thing is how you look and feel is very relevant to your lifestyle.
Ask an inshape Mum what she does (one that has the same amount of time as you to make it fair) and you know there will be some healthy eating going on and exercise each week.
It won’t be perfect, but there will be a pattern of week in, week out healthy habits.
It just happens that some people need more help with that sometimes, that is why I am a coach, help someone look at it in a healthy way, there could be all sorts of reasons why somebody doesn’t.
If someone does not belief they can do it for example, then that is hard to turnaround, that will require coaching it’s also why I do free trials and tasters, it helps someone believe it they can start to make progress or actually see how it fits together and they can achieve their result.
Some people’s posture should cause them more pain, but because they are active, their muscles hold them in place better.
In my exercise system, to have mobility it is about focussing on those muscles that tend to become dormant in this modern era, muscles that have an important job to do but tend to get a bit lazy.
Plus we forget, we are not just designed to move in one direction, we are designed to move in all directions, if we incorporate this into exercise sessions this promotes better joint health.
That is a very basic overview of how I help people look good/feel good and promote good back and joint health.
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Ed (living a pretty healthy lifestyle for my age, but at what point am I supposed to think my age, listen to the radio station for my age, dress like my age or close????) Stride.


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