How to easily Lose 6Lbs in a week.

You would have thought I would have adopted the whole if you can’t beat them, join them approach by now.
The whole world calls it weight loss.
We have grown up calling it weight loss.
Whenever I start helping someone and I ask why they need my help they reply “to lose weight”.
Pretty much everyone’s new years resolution is to lose weight.
TV programmes at this time of year focus on weight loss.
People are congratulated by their weight loss.
Weight Loss groups celebrate who lost the most that week.
Those we know who lost a lot in a week are congratulated (and secretely disliked :))
Diets are chosen by how quickly you can lose weight on which one.
Weight loss supplements are chosen on their weight loss promise.
It’s an advertising race to proclaim with which ever product or system can help you lose weight in the shortest time.
I have been asked many times “how fast can I do this?”
There are ways to lose at least 6LBs or so in a week.
Illness. As in Sheila was top loser in the group this week, let’s go ask her how she did it. “Sheila how did you do it?” “I was ill all week.”
Detox diets that require you to drink a few liquids in a week.
Or diets where you have low calorie shakes and not much else.
Over doing laxatives would do it.
Running a marathon each day would probably do it.
Although if you lose more or less than 6LBs in a week most of it will be water and muscle.
Only 1-2 Lbs will ever be body fat.
And it’s body fat only that determines how healthy you are.
Your shape.
How you look and feel.
All the things that you are trying to achieve.
So maybe the question should be…
How do you lose 6 lbs of body fat in a week or quickly then and sustainably?
Well the truth is that’s the thing, you can’t.
That’s why I talk about losing body fat so much and helping you do it the right way.
So you can see deeper than the fast weight loss news and hype.
No need to feel demoralised because you lost weight fast, then had to start again.
You know exactly what to focus on.
You can see past the 6lbs lost in a week.
Because if you only lost 1-2 lbs in a week, then that’s the same amount of body fat.
Only your metabolism won’t have slowed down.
And you will be losing well after they had to give up because they could not longer maintain what they were doing.
Feel free to ask any questions.
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Ed (I may have in the past when asked ‘fastest way to lose weight” told them they could cut off their own head because that weighs about 10 lbs, usually they saw the funny side and the point I was making:)).


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