How to consume less calories for Weight Loss and Shape Change.


Ages ago I was a member of what some would call  “a spit and saw dust gym”

The equipment was a bit rusty and there were quite a few meat heads there.

I remember talking the the gym owner, a big bloke, who when he found out I was a weight loss coach and who I helped, talked to me about the importance of Protein.

Of course I dismissed it then, because I, like everyone else just associated Protein with meat heads supping down their Protein shakes.

Now I have to admit I was wrong.

Do you just find that if you eat certain foods, you can have a big portion and sometimes not feel full?

Do you feel it’s quite easy to consume too many calories, if you were to add up your daily amount, or see a day’s worth of what you usually have laid on a table in front of you?

Sometimes it does not seem we consume that much each day, but when you add it up, liquids and all, its very easy to underestimate it!

Are you currently struggling to lose and change shape, then this could be to blame.

Would you prefer to eat the same amount, but with less calories?

Then swapping foods and increasing your Protein could well be the way forwards!

When you hear Protein it’s easy to think of strength training athletes.

But Protein is a useful nutrient for losing weight and changing shape.

The main role of Protein is tissue (muscle for example) maintenance and repair, which assists with maintaining a good metabolism.

Protein is harder the Carbohydrate or Fat to breakdown by the body, making the body work harder in the digestive process.

Which keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Also means you don’t need a big portion to feel satisfied.

So less likely you will be hungry and consume extra calories shortly after.

However you don’t need much of it per meal, about 30% of your meal is fine.

Always a good idea to think of your protein food first.

In my Lose and Shape Up system, this is a tip used to keep those I help full, with less calories, speeds up metabolism and help with recovery from the exercise sessions.

I support those I help do this, so if it happens often enough- results!

For a 7 step plan to start putting into practice now for even the busiest Mum to make progress, scroll down to get yours and yes I will send you regular helpful stuff, easy to get out of, if it is not useful!

Ed (Finally wilted and booked the family holiday so Protein first will be my try not to gain to much at the all inclusive buffett strategy, I dread to think what would happen otherwise, probably need one of the children to wheel me back through the airport on one of those suit case trolleys) Stride.


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