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Something I talk about in helping you all achieve your losing and shaping and health goals…
Is creating the right balance.
The balance between fun and healthy.
Although if you can do both, you are winning!
In order for results to happen though, you have to get this right and right for you.
Up until recently I had the balance a bit wrong and decided to make a few changes, nothing major a tweak in evening meals and less undoing results at the week end!
What I basically did was decided what sort of results I wanted and what I was willing and what I wasn’t willing to do and was even ready to reavluate my results if necessary.
In a nutshell, to help you do the same, I looked at my weekly lifestyle and looked at the fun aspect…
What do you mean, there probably isn’t any?
How rude!
Anyway, I looked at what was “worth it” and “what wasn’t worth it’…
In relation to what I wanted to achieve, what I was willing to change or go without and what I wasn’t.
To put it to you straight, if you have made no progress for ages, really want results and are not willing to make changes, then you will make no progress, it’s kinda one or the other.
Although if you are willing but find it incredibally hard and really want those results, then help is available from me or whoever as long as you know they are serious about helping.
Success is just creating habits and making them work for you, If you are stuggling to fit into the clothes you want to wear or ignoring the fact you are in a risk factor health category or feeling sluggish or uncomfortable or unhappy because of it and when you look at lifestyle habits, you do some things out of sheer habit and decide that these habits are are not worth it and currently putting the brakes on progress…
Does that give you a little motivation to change things?
Then you are left with the “worth its” and in my system I urge you to manage them in, giving them up almost guarentees a future splurge.
Have them and enjoy them as part of the right balance.
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Ed (some form of chocolate and crisps at the week end on my mine ahem and the odd take away, ladies, is wine still on most of your worth its lists or is it not going to be called lady petrol anymore?) Stride.


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