Which side are you on when it comes to weight loss?

Maybe now is a good time to pick one
You know at our age carrying too much body fat is not a good idea
Getting clothes to fit
Feeling uncomfortable and all that
So you know 
The best way is to manage those calories
That means two options
Burn loads
Or watch what you put in
Of course the gyms will let you try and burn them
Tell you that’s the answer
The manic burning of calories
It’s hard for them to provide guidance I guess
Same reason the weight loss groups don’t recommend exercise
A mix of both is the answer
To be honest watching what you put in is a great place to start
And then doing exercise that means you burn more calories at rest
A two prong attack
Be great if there was someone who know about both
And how someone our age knew how to achieve it best
There is, I do! 
Just ask and I will reply as soon as I get chance! 

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Ed ( See it like a shopping trip spending is good, saving bad) Stride

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