Which foods are off menu if you are an over 40 something wanting to lose weight and improve health?

We have all eaten certain foods
And drinks
When we didn’t plan to
Bet it’s happened more in the last few months 🙂
I remember visiting family for a special occasion
And it would have been rude not to have cake
But because it wasn’t planned
It’s easy to feel guilty
Naughty even
And like you are undoing your good work
Going backwards
Really effecting your mindset to stay on track
There is this notion that to get certain results
You can’t eat/drink certain things
The truth is
You can eat anything you want (or drink)
To illustrate the point, in the state’s someone ate nothing  but twinkies (cup cakes I think) and lost weight
Someone did the same eating nothing but Mc Donald’s 
See whilst you can eat what you want, if you want results to lose and change shape
Then it is how much you eat and drink is what counts
It’s why I bang on about portion size
It’s why in my system there are so many tips and ways
To still have what you want and enjoy
But get results
And Exercise that doesn’t involve jumping about
Or jogging
It’s why I waited to create it
Help those over 40 get healthier and happier
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Ed (For those of you who know me, know I love nature, so have you ever seen a waddling fat fox or a Gull so fat it struggled to take off? Yet these creatures survive on high calorie human food waste, the trick is they rarely have too much, not saying you should adopt that plan of course) Stride.

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